Young talents train at rvc

young talents train at rvc

With an open day, the RVC steinwiesen wanted to draw attention to its marginal sport, in particular to the two-wheel ball that it practices, and at the same time to achieve a certain challenge for the youngsters. The guests were able to take a look behind the scenes and try out for themselves what it's like to ride such a special bike.

The active cyclo-ballers showed some tricks and after some training games, the track was opened to the amateurs. Young and old could now try their luck on the bike themselves. They found out that it is not so easy to master this kind of bike. The bike, which has been modified for this sport, is characterized by its 1:1 conversion to a rigid hub, special handlebars and a long horizontal seatpost. The rigid translation of the pedaling movements to the rear wheel makes it possible to ride backwards and to stand in the goal. A cyclist sits on the back of the saddle for a short time to rest.The children in particular had a lot of fun, especially since smaller bicycles were available for them to ride. The former bavarian league player georg porzel had converted these into bicycle ball bicycles.

Chairman roland kuhnlein pointed out that interested parties still have the opportunity to try out the training sessions, which are held every tuesday and thursday from 6 p.M. To 8 p.M.30 to 20 o'clock take place in the gymnasium. Kuhnlein said the best age to start is eight to ten years old. But adults can also make a start at any time. 

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