Wood – a building material of contrasts

Wood - a building material of contrasts

The coarse hall of the regentenbau and the barn of the ambling-hof in kleinbrach vied for the visitors' favor – two completely contrasting examples of the importance of wood as a building material.
"Wood is the 1. Building material of man" said erwin full from the schweinfurt state building authority, who presented the rough hall of the regentenbau and its peculiarities. So the wood in the rough hall has no load-bearing properties whatsoever. "Wood only exists here in the area of cladding" emphasized full, but there on 3700 square meters after all.

Because of the acoustics

The coarse hall is wood-paneled for the sake of appearance and acoustics. With cherry and coniferous woods. The pillars are also only clad, with reinforced concrete underneath, at a certain distance from the wooden panelling. "This also serves the acoustics" how full conveyed to his listeners.
Gerhard schlereth has nothing to do with acoustics in kleinbrach. He owns the ambling farm in kleinbracher strabe. And it had also opened its doors on sunday.
The contrast to the regent building could not be more stark. In kleinbrach there was a one-story hipped roof building of the late 18th century. The first building of the twentieth century, including the barn that goes with it. And it was precisely this barn that made the property interesting in the context of the denkmaltag theme. Thanks to the stately half-timbered structure inside, as historian birgit schmalz emphasized when she guided the visitors through the barn.

Financing question

While the grobe hall, which was renamed the max littmann hall after its architect a few years ago, is still of great importance for the cultural life of bad kissingen, the barn in kleinbrach is no longer in use. And while the state of bavaria has invested millions in the renovation of the regentenbau, gerhard schlereth can only dream of such generous financial support. City curator peter kaidel puts it this way: "he has a great monument, but it's completely uneconomical for the private owner."
Nevertheless, gerhard schlereth took part in the open day of monuments. "I fiddled around in it for weeks and put in a lot of work" he says, he has removed dirt and old hay, dusted the beams. And he organized three historic tractors, which, like the old horse harness left in the barn, testified to the former purpose of this utilitarian building.
While in the late morning the first visitors came to the monument kleinbracher barn, the monument grober saal already served its actual purpose: as a backdrop for a concert of the district youth symphony orchestra.

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