With more verve and more bite

The HSC is hurting. And that in the truest sense of the word, because the second-division handball club is still missing several important players due to hard-nosed or "fresh" injuries. But the last game also hurt. There was a bitter prestige defeat at home against rimpar.
Above all, the low number of goals scored by the team itself (17) caused surprise among the fans in the HUK arena who had been deprived of their tickets. This has not happened for years. For these reasons, an away win on whitsun saturday would naturally be a balm on the torn open yellow-black wounds.
But the task is a tough one: for years, nordhorn has been part of the inventory of the 2. League and always moves in the upper table range. Currently they are eighth and had they not had such a similar injury misfortune as the vestestadter throughout the season, then the team would probably be in a better position. At times, there was not a single left-hander available, so a lot of improvisation took place and – as in the case of the HSC – players were used in positions where they would not normally belong.

Lost there last time

Nevertheless, coburg’s coach jan gorr is aware of the difficulty of this task: "the games in euregium are real indicators and in the last comparison, in our promotion year 2016, both teams were able to decide their home game for themselves. In a head-to-head comparison, the first leg once again went in our favor. With a success in the ruckspiel, there was a chance to make both duels positive". And this is also the declared goal. In order to achieve this, it will be necessary to soften up the strongest point of the nordhorn team, namely an extremely well cooperating 6:0 defense with goalkeeper buhrmester at the back. For this, however, a significantly improved chance evaluation compared to the rimpar game is a prerequisite.
Nordhorn’s efficient and strong counterattacking auben mickal on the left and fraatz on the right as well as the very dangerous back line with heiny, wiese and verjans are particularly striking. HSC’s defensive performance (22 goals against in the derby) has been very good in the last two games, including the one in aue, and is a necessary foundation this time as well. However, there are already again news from the lazarett. And these have a decisive influence on the defensive work:

At least without seven

"Since our head defender markus hagelin is plagued by a feverish infection and his deployment seems more than uncertain, this very area is of course of particular importance to us." In addition to the questionable use of hagelin, the seven players who already had to be replaced against rimpar will also be absent in nordhorn. Stefan lex had already broken off the auarmen before rimpar and bit his teeth with achilles tendon problems in the game. Gorr& hope that he will recover and play accordingly co. But until saturday.

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