Warning strikes by ig metall start in bavaria

Warning strikes by ig metall start in bavaria

First day of major warning strikes in the bavarian metal industry underway. Early wednesday morning, 180 employees of the automotive supplier faurecia in geiselhoring, lower bavaria, stopped work. "The entire early shift joins in. The workforce has gathered in front of the company premises with whistles and placards", said the second representative of IG metall landshut, birgit von garrel. The faurecia employees had the closure of the company in 2014 in mind. "Here it concerns thus also the high one of the compensation ", said von garrel.

In total, the union is calling for action at 17 companies on wednesday, to be followed in the morning by actions at MAN in munich or renk in augsburg, among others. Focus on the munich area, swabia and lower bavaria. With the actions, the union wants to increase the pressure on the employers of the bavarian metal and electrical industry in the stagnating collective bargaining round. Employers had already strongly criticized the union for the announced massive warning strikes.

Actions in 80 companies

On thursday, however, the union wants to step it up a notch: by then, there will already be actions in more than 80 companies across bavaria. Then tens of thousands of metalworkers across the country were allowed to participate, and IG metall also called for many actions, warning strikes and demonstrations nationwide.

The union is calling for more pay for the 755 employees.6.5 percent more money, the takeover of all trainees and the restriction of loaned work. The employers, on the other hand, offered 3 percent more money for 14 months – a provocation for IG metall, as wechsler points out.

A rapid agreement is not to be expected; in bavaria, the next round of negotiations is not scheduled until 10 september. May on. In the opinion of the employers, the offer of 3 percent more pay reflects the situation in the sector. "The economic situation in the bavarian metal and electrical industry has cooled down noticeably."

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