Usa: twelve people die in snow and ice

Usa: twelve people die in snow and ice

The number of deaths related to the winter weather climbed to twelve on thursday, according to U.S. Media reports. Nearly 300,000 people in the midwest and south of the u.S. Were temporarily without power, reported the television station ABC. More than 2,000 flights canceled. Eastern canada was also affected.

In the u.S. State of arkansas, two children, one and two years old, died in a car accident on a snow-slicked road. A man and a woman were killed in the state of indiana when they lost control of their scooter on icy roads and were hit by a truck. Two people died in traffic accidents on oklahoma roads in adverse weather conditions. In ohio, an 18-year-old crashed her car into an oncoming snowplow and died. In texas and louisiana, people were struck by trees that collapsed under the weight of snow.

The storm had been brewing in the midwest earlier in the week. "I’ve always described it as a little snowstorm," said john kwiatkowski, a meteorologist from indianapolis, according to tv station nbc. "But that’s like talking about a small tyrannosaurus rex."

Nearly 30 tornadoes were reported on tuesday alone – according to news channel CNN the highest number ever on a christmas day in the USA. In the port city of mobile in the state of alabama, a hurricane caused severe destruction. "We heard a noise that sounded like a good train," bob sims from mobile told NBC. With his wife sherry he had just finished the festive christmas dinner. Together they then barricaded themselves in the bathroom in their house, where they survived the tornado unharmed.

Little rock, the capital of the u.S. State of arkansas, meanwhile, experienced its most feminine christmas in almost 90 years. While it usually snows very rarely there, this time the storm front gave the city a blanket of snow more than 20 centimeters high. Nearly 200,000 people were cut off from the power supply. Because snow and ice destroyed many power lines, electricity could still be out for up to a week, the local utility said. Governor mike beebe declared a state of emergency for his state.

Parts of new england saw heavy snowfall and black ice. Even in east coast metropolises like boston and new york it snowed and stormed. However, nothing is known of any damage at the moment. There was a lot of rain in the state of new jersey. Parts of the village of brick were cut off from the outside world by the floods.

On thursday, according to meteorologists, the bad weather area should move on to the northeast. Up to 50 centimeters of snow was expected in some parts of new england before the storm was expected to slowly dissipate.

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