Ts herzogenaurach dominates derby opponent

ts herzogenaurach dominates derby opponent

TS herzogenaurach’s bavarian league women’s handball team returned from the derby in erlangen with an impressive canter victory. At least after this memorable 38:23 of the previous third in the table at the second in the table, coach hans-jurgen kastl’s proteges know that they are on the right track.
Injuries and absences from work have left the TSH squad shorthanded at the start of the season, but the young team showed at its neighbors’ that it can be expected to do anything this year – and that the possibility of setbacks is not excluded. That’s why the team is not euphoric after the victory and especially the way it came about.

HC erlangen – TS herzogenaurach 23:38

As announced in the preliminary report, not only two neighbors in terms of table and geography met in the karl-heinz-hiersemann-hall, but also players who have known each other for years and for a long time also wore the same jerseys played. The TS coach had explained several times that the encounter was not about prestige, but only about winning and gaining further self-confidence with such a strong opponent with a success.

Nevertheless, it was a concern for laura wedrich, julia friedl (who was able to participate at short notice) and kristin lang, who had changed from the HC youth to the TSH, to show the people in charge in erlangen that they had also been able to hold their own at the HC. The guests managed to impose their tactics both defensively and offensively in a good encounter lasting practically 60 minutes. With a concentrated and this time very compact 6:0 defense, TSH forced the opponents mostly into unfavorable throwing situations and disrupted the top scorers at the right time.

As expected, HC’s goalkeeper laura brockschmidt posed an eminent threat, but she found little support thanks to the guests’ agile defensive work. Also the usually so efficient counter-attacking goals of the erlanger flugelzange remained manageable, not least because of the concentrated and well thought-out positional attacks on the part of TSH.

Quite in contrast to the "aubenraketen in the kastl team: saskia probst, tanja kuffner, sarah stephan as well as friedl were successful with their tempo runs, mostly initiated by passes from goalkeeper martina ebersberger or skilfully finished via the second wave. Of course, you can’t do this for 60 minutes, but the herzogenaurach girls showed remarkable development with clever positional play. 14 goals from the back of the net by nina bestle, wedrich, carole mittelheisser and alina erdmann are not a matter of course against the hc, whereby kastl recalled that his team also benefited from the short-term absence of the strong goalkeeper on the side of the hosts.

Nevertheless, it was fascinating to see how TSH played itself free more and more and, especially after the high 20:10 halftime lead, did not let the guard down, but even extended the comfortable lead. If there was a goal of the month in women’s handball, ebersberger and probst were hot candidates: with a pass across the entire field of play, the goalkeeper served her right wing, who leapt into the air in a full sprint inches from the throwing circle, caught the ball and ordered it into the net before it hit the ground again. A "kempa goal under extreme conditions.

Everyone played a part in the success

Kastl pointed out that he would not pin such successes on the goal scorers alone, but that at the moment everyone in the team played their part. "For us, this was a wonderful result and confirmation that we have worked really well in training", said the TS coach. "We do not make any claims now, but the starting position has become much better of course." Also noteworthy: two very prudent referees gave only three time penalties in a fair game in which the TSH fans among the 150 spectators reached a much higher level of vociferousness.
TSH: ebersberger, bernhardt – krack, mittelheisser (3), stephan (5), wedrich (8/2), probst (12), bestle (2), friedl (1), mergner (1), erdmann (3), lang (2) kuffner (1)

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