Trump: “fantastic” trade agreement with london

Trump: 'fantastic' trade agreement with london

U.S. President donald trump has promised the uk a "fantastic" trade deal with the u.S. After a brexit.

Trump told journalists in morristown, new jersey, on thursday that he had spoken again with british prime minister boris johnson just the day before. Johnson and he were completely on the same page.

"I think we will make a fantastic and rough trade deal with great britain."Trump stressed the "fantastic relations" between the two countries. Coarse britain, he said, is one of the closest allies to the u.S.

Johnson wants to leave the UK on 31. October from the european union – "come what may". He threatens to leave without an agreement if brussel does not agree to his demand for changes to the withdrawal agreement negotiated with his predecessor theresa may.

However, the EU strictly rejects any changes. This increases the danger of a no-deal brexit, which would damage the economy and many other areas of life.

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