Trial of dead baby: defendant shows no emotion

trial of dead baby: defendant shows no emotion

The woman from baden-wurttemberg is the mother of the dead child who died on 23. October 2011 in plastic tutes near walsdorf (lkrs. Bamberg) was found by chance. On the first day of the trial, the defendant explained through her lawyer that what was written in the indictment was true. The 29-year-old woman herself said nothing about the crime for which she has to answer to the jury in bamberg since monday: manslaughter by omission.

In january 2011, she created a new cistercian landscape in the apartment of her then boyfriend in walsdorf (lkrs. Bamberg) secretly gave birth to a child, laid the little girl on the tiled floor of the bathroom and otherwise left her unprovided for. The baby probably died as a result of hypothermia. Then she packed the newborn in several plastic bags and put the bundle with her things in the bedroom closet. Only months later, allegedly in june, the woman took the dead child into the corridors near walsdorf. On 23. October 2011 a walker had become aware of the alleged mull and had made the gruesome find.

The defendant remains silent

Neither in her own statements nor in the testimony of witnesses did the italian statsburger show any emotion. She sat almost motionless in her chair for hours, her head propped up on her left arm, her back turned to the audience.

The jury held the woman accountable for the statements she made to the police when she was arrested at the end of 2011. She herself made no further statements on the matter. The woman also said little about her past life.

What the participants in the trial and the audience learned from the questioning was taken largely from the files by the presiding judge, manfred schmidt: according to this, a woman is on trial in bamberg who, despite being only 29 years old, has already given birth to seven children. Custody of the four older children – born between summer 2002 and november 2009 – was withdrawn from her in november 2009.

She was pregnant with the youngest when police arrested her in december 2011 in renningen on urgent suspicion of the crime. The father is said to be a man to whom she is still engaged today. The other children are from different husbands, none of whom is said to have paid child support.

According to the files, the woman gave birth to a stillborn child in 2003. The police investigated at the time; the case was dropped.

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