Traffic club: “traffic lights” should reconsider speed limit

Traffic club: 'traffic lights' should reconsider speed limit

The verkehrsclub deutschland has called on the SPD, the greens and the FDP to reconsider their rejection of a general speed limit on highways.

"The fact that the FDP has already cashed in on the speed limit on freeways, leaving germany as the last industrialized country without a speed limit on freeways, is disappointing and not sustainable in the long term," michael muller-gornert, transport policy spokesman for the german transport club (VCD), told the german press agency.

A general speed limit of 130 kilometers per hour on highways would have roughly the same climate effect as at least one million fewer cars on the roads. In addition, there is the effect on traffic safety with fewer traffic fatalities.

In the exploratory paper of the SPD, the greens and the FDP, it is stated that there will be no general speed limit on highways. The three parties are in coalition negotiations. According to the latest "deutschlandtrend" survey on ARD’s "morgenmagazin," 60 percent of respondents are in favor of a general speed limit of 130 kilometers per hour on highways as a contribution to environmental and climate protection.

The transport club also called for climate-damaging subsidies to be reduced in order to create incentives for climate-friendly mobility behavior. For example, the diesel privilege must be ended – diesel is taxed less than gasoline. In addition, the VCD wants an out for the requirement of plug-in hybrid vehicles, which have both an internal combustion engine and an electric drive system. In addition, the VCD believes that a "bonus-malus regulation" should be introduced for vehicle tax. Vehicles with lower CO2 emissions were given preferential tax treatment, while emission-intensive vehicles were taxed.

Muller-gornert also said that a federal mobility law is needed to achieve climate protection goals in the transport sector. In the future, infrastructure planning must consider all means of transport equally. What’s needed is an expansion and investment offensive for public transportation with buses and trains as well as sharing services.

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