They are building a bulwark against the main tide

They are building a bulwark against the main tide

Due to the cold and wet weather of the past few weeks, the earthworks had to be suspended. However, the concrete and reinforced concrete work on the pumping station is in full swing.
The 2.7-million-euro tree removal project is intended to protect nearly 200 residents, farms and industry on an area of around 15 hectares. To prevent another flood from threatening the village. It was particularly critical in 2006, when a disaster alert was declared.
The pumping station is located in the middle of the dike. The seepage and rainwater are led to it via a drainage and transport pipe. At high tide, the free spillway will be closed so floodwaters don't "rebound". Then the pumps are running at full speed. Around 900 liters can be piped into the floodplain every second.
There is a special feature in the polz flood relief project: the earth masses needed for the construction of the 1.5-kilometer-long dike are being quarried directly on the main river. Where there was once a main loop, the excavation work is to create such a biotope again, explains benno strehler. The 41-year-old has been head of the hof water management office since december of last year and came to the construction site to find out about the status of the acceptance test. "We are on schedule."

Work continues in kulmbach

He already has the next construction site after polz in mind: flood protection for the kulmbach district of blaich. "This is to be done in connection with the renaturation of the flood basin." For this is on 8. May planned a town hall meeting.
The earthworks in polz are to be continued in june, and construction manager heinz braunersreuther from the gunther-bau company in stadtsteinach is hoping for good weather. Because the thaw forced work to be interrupted.
That the newly created 260-meter-long main loop is a "beautiful biotope" not only mayor dieter adam likes it. "The old fishermen are happy that something is happening", emphasized the head of the municipality. Because such side arms are spawning water for the fishes.

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