There is no extension of the deadline for sewer rehabilitation

There is no extension of the deadline for sewer rehabilitation

Due to the upcoming sewer renovation in schlossgasse, freihofgasse and kirchgasse and the deadline of the district administration office, mayor adolf falkenstein reported in the meeting of the city council of prichsenstadt that the district administration office has extended its deadline of 31 december 2009. Marz to present the redevelopment plan will not verlangern. The district office argues that plans dating back to 1992 were already available. Falkenstein had, as he said at the meeting, "only recently discovered it in the archives. So we have to wait until the 31st. Marz to submit a decision to the district office along with plans."He had also pointed out the deadline to the expert who has been evaluating both the plans of the company braun, which works for the city, and the gebert expert opinion of the critics for several months already. And who had promised to hurry up.

Wolfgang brosche took the non-extension of the deadline as an opportunity to again refer to the rehabilitation procedure with inliners (lining with plastic). "In abtswind the canals were rehabilitated with inliners, maybe the building committee will go there, have a look and get advice from the company", was his suggestion. In abtswind, costs of 138,000 euros were incurred, and inliners are now a "common practice". The mayor doubted whether this was true. However, the expert had already stated one thing verbally in advance, according to falkenstein: the dimensions of the prichsenstadt canal were not suitable for rehabilitation with inliners.

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