Self-built and run: trainee spice store “rapsody of spices” celebrates its birthday

Self-built and run: trainee spice store 'rapsody of spices' celebrates its birthday

The trainees of the spice manufacturer raps will be celebrating the tenth anniversary of their spice store "rapsody of spices" next week. Independent work in the store on the factory site is firmly anchored in the training program. For the raps trainees, the project with a lot of freedom and responsibility is one of the high points of the apprenticeship period.

Almost 300 trainees have already tested their sales talents over the past ten years. In addition, the store is the only place where you can buy the rape products in household sizes. He offers an impressive selection of spice blends, marinades, sauces, vinegars, oils and cake helpers, as well as – especially at christmas time – individually assembled gift baskets. The trainees themselves decide which products are to be included in the assortment.

The foundation stone for the business concept was laid by the shareholder of the family-owned company, frank kuhne, in 2008, when he wanted to break new ground in the demand for young talent. Raps then provided the start-up’s initial financing and gave the trainees the necessary freedom to implement their own ideas in a professional concept.

Since then, regular service in the apprentice store has become a fixed part of the vocational training program. Whether chemical laboratory technician, industrial clerk, mechatronics technician, food technology specialist or IT specialist: each of the current 30 trainees is responsible for filling products, advising customers and cashiering on a weekly basis according to the rotation principle.

Those with higher ambitions apply for one of five positions as store manager and are then responsible for financial planning, marketing, product management, IT or logistics for one year. The trainees are enthusiastic about the unique opportunities for development.

For the first seven years, the spice store was housed in rented premises in the city center. In 2016, it moved to a purpose-built building on the factory premises at adalbert-raps-strabe 1. "It’s not just the young people who benefit from the more intensive dialog with the end consumers, but the entire site", says head of human resources petra seidler.

Proud of training award

"The apprentice store is a great success. For the past ten years, we have observed the positive impact of the project and the associated personal responsibility on the personal development of the trainees, which is a more than worthwhile investment in the next generation for our company."

So much trust, appreciation and support naturally come from the young "rappers good at. They were recently awarded the kulmbach training prize by the school-business working group and the bayerische rundschau newspaper (we reported).

Among the proud winners was sophie lapczyna. She is in the second year of her apprenticeship as an industrial clerk and is employed as a "marketing manager" proud to bear responsibility for a small company. "Working in the store, we can put our school knowledge directly into practice, deepen our product knowledge and thus understand holistic processes much better." For sophie lapczyna, the added value compared to a traditional apprenticeship is clearly in the foreground. "These assignments boost self-confidence. You learn how to work in a team, how to deal with criticism and that you can only get ahead in your career with a sense of responsibility and perseverance."

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