Segnitz for alliance “southern may triangle

Segnitz for alliance 'southern may triangle

In its meeting on monday, the community council of segnitz did not reject the foundation of the intercommunal alliance “sudliches maindreieck”. The gartner municipality sits thereby also in the boat of cities and municipalities at the maindreieck to the union, in order to position itself better on routistic area.

The local politicians hope to strengthen the tourist track by spreading the work over several shoulders and subsidizing it from the public purse. “We had a two-day seminar with mayors at the end of january,” reported mayor rudolf lohr on the intended formation of an intermunicipal alliance of twelve communities called the “southern maine triangle” in the counties of kitzingen and wurzburg from segnitz to randersacker.

The participating municipalities are now called upon to pass basic resolutions on the foundation so that the alliance can be publicly propagated in march – if possible with a state minister. It is planned that each of the smaller communities will contribute 49 cents per inhabitant per year, which means 406 euros for segnitz.

The office of rural development is also making a significant contribution to the financing of the network through the integrated rural development concept (ILEK) program.

“I think that this will be an expensive affair,” said karl-heinz bauer, expressing financial concerns. Everyone could calculate how much the staff alone would cost if two people were permanently employed. Rudolf lohr assured to pay attention to justifiable costs and to keep the expenditure within the scope of the municipal possibilities.

Christian ziermann said that segnitz could no longer benefit from marktbreit and ochsenfurt as “tourism advertising partners” if these two became members of the alliance “southern maine triangle. And alone segnitz could not afford the tourism promotion. In the end, the board unanimously agreed to support the establishment of the alliance and thus take the first step.

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