Sandhausen’s end with an announcement: “relegation also an opportunity”

Sandhausen's end with an announcement: 'relegation also an opportunity'

The relegation of SV sandhausen, which finished second to last in the table, was not sealed until dynamo dresden won against paderborn on friday. But even before that, it was clear that the first second-division adventure in the club’s history would be over after just one year.

The management of the future third-division soccer team reacted accordingly. "Relegation also offers an opportunity," president jurgen machmeier had already said before the news from dresden.

However, the team from north baden now has to solve huge economic problems, as the club will have around 5.5 million euros less at its disposal than in league two. And a seven-figure sum is still missing to obtain the drittliga license. "We will fulfill the conditions," declared machmeier and announced to improve the structures in the kurpfalz and to distribute the sporting management on several shoulders.

Coach hans-jurgen boysen, who had already announced his departure in the event of relegation before saturday’s worthless 3:1 win over FC ingolstadt 04, will no longer be part of the team. The goals for sandhausen were scored by nicky adler (7) in front of only 2850 spectators at the hardtwaldstadion.) and twice andrew wooten (58., 83.), gaste-profi christian eigler had balanced in between (26.).

Boysen’s contract had only been extended if he stayed in the league. In november, the 55-year-old replaced gerd dais, who had saved the team from relegation to the regional league two years ago and achieved a minor sensation with the promotion of the provincial club to the second bundesliga.

But after a good start to the season, which even took the SVS to third place for a while, things went steeply downhill in the fall. Boysen provided a small boost after his arrival, but even he could not compensate for the many absences. "The injury plight has been a thread running through the season," explained managing director otmar schork, and he sees this as the main reason for the team’s failure.

This could only be prevented if the financially beleaguered vfr aalen was no longer granted a license. "You don’t wish bad things on a competitor. That’s why I don’t speculate," said machmeier. "We are relegated and plan for the 3. League."

Schork, meanwhile, had to put up with criticism that he had put the squad together incorrectly. Of 14 newcomers, only timo achenbach and wooten were reinforcements. "We have reached our limits in the market," schork defended himself. When captain and top goal-scorer frank loning was out for the rest of the season in early april, it was another shock for the team, which has 13 players on contracts beyond the season’s end. This team is now to be supplemented with young players from the third division and the regional league.

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