United States Fun Quiz Questions

Enjoy completing these United States Fun Quiz Questions

United States – General Knowledge Questions

1. Question 1 – Which New England state is the only one that doesn’t have a coastline along the Atlantic Ocean?
2. Question 2 – There are four US State capitals named after US presidents, can you name them?
3. Question 3 – Churchil Downs hosts which famous annual horse race?
4. Question 4 – Cape Canaveral is in which US state?
5. Question 5 – “Cheeseheads” is a common nickname for residents of which US state?
6. Question 6 – Which US state were the characters Dorothy and Toto from in the famous Wizard of Oz movie?
7. Question 7 – Which three state capitals have mens first names?
8. Question 8 – Indianas southern border follows the path of which river?
9. Question 9 – Which state is the home of the famous Mt. St. Helens volcano?
10. Question 10 – What is the largest US state?
11. Question 11 – Which state is the home of the Grand Canyon?
12. Question 12 – The San Andreas Fault runs through which US state?
13. Question 13 – What time zone is the state of Connecticut in?
14. Question 14 – The Mojave Desert also known as the high desert covers which four US states?
15. Question 15 – What is the It is the hottest and driest of the national parks in the United States?
16. Question 16 – The Battle of the Little Bighorn —also known as Custer's Last Stand took place in which US state?
17. Question 17 – Which US state is the only one to border just one other state?
18. Question 18 – Which river is the longest in the United States?
19. Question 19 – Which US state is home to Mount McKinley, also known as Denali?
20. Question 20 – Which one of the five great lakes is contained entirely in the United States?