Kids Trivia Fun Quiz Answers

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Question 1 What are the colors in the rainbow? Answer: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo and Violet
Question 2 What is cheese made from? Answer: Milk
Question 3 From which animal do we get wool? Answer: Sheep
Question 4 Which liquid metal is used in thermometers? Answer: Mercury
Question 5 What is the colored part of the eye called? Answer: The Iris
Question 6 What is the method of writing used by blind people? Answer: Braille
Question 7 What is the only animal that has four knees? Answer: An Elephant
Question 8 What is sodium chloride? Answer: Table salt (common salt)
Question 9 What is an animal doctor called? Answer: A Vet
Question 10 What is the largest living bird? Answer: Ostrich