Kids Pot Luck Fun Quiz Answers

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Question 1 – Which organ sends blood to all parts of the body? Answer: The Heart
Question 2 – What sea divides Holland and England? Answer: The North Sea
Question 3 – What are the primary colors? Answer: Red, Blue and Yellow
Question 4 – What is the only mammal that cannot jump? Answer: Elephant
Question 5 - What are dried grapes called? Answer: Raisins
Question 6 – What does a chameleon have that’s longer than its body? Answer: Its tongue
Question 7 – What part of your body has a “funny bone”? Answer: Your Elbow
Question 8 – Which is colder, the North Pole or the South Pole? Answer: The South Pole
Question 9 – What is the fastest animal in the world? Answer: The Cheetah
Question 10 – What part of the flower holds the pollen? Answer: The Stamen