Kids Fun Quiz Answers

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Question 1 – What song is sung the most often in the world? Answer: Happy Birthday
Question 2 – What bird lays its eggs in other bird’s nests? Answer: The Cuckoo
Question 3 – How many days are there in a week? Answer: 7
Question 4 – What two colors can you mix together to make green? Answer: Blue and Yellow
Question 5 – What are ten years called? Answer: A Decade
Question 6 – What is the hot liquid rock that comes from a volcano called? Answer: Lava
Question 7 – What is another name for All Saints’ Eve? Answer: Halloween
Question 8 – What does the letter “C” stand for in Roman Numerals? Answer: 100
Question 9 – What is a decibel used to measure? Answer: Sound
Question 10 – What is the largest land animal? Answer: Elephant