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Kids Fairy Tales Quiz

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Roadtrip Fun with this free Kids Fairy Tales Quiz!
This Free Fun Roadtrip Kids Fairy Tales Quiz is not only fun but is also educational and interesting! Have some fun and test your knowledge answering this free Kids Fairy Tales Quiz - a great travel activity for your holidays or family vacation. The Kids Fairy Tales Quiz is suitable for a fun roadtrip journey and any other types of travel or family vacation. Our free, printable Kids Fairy Tales Quiz is the perfect addition to your family vacation - include in your travel and road trip planning!

Roadtrip Fun with this free Kids Fairy Tales Quiz!
Click the following link for our Free Fun Roadtrip Kids Fairy Tales Quiz questions - question sheets ready for you to print and take on your roadtrip or vacation.
Our Free and Printable Fun Kids Fairy Tales quiz has been designed so that you can print one quiz per page - there are no adverts, just questions!.

Printable Kids Fairy Tales Fun Quiz Questions

Kids Fairy Tales Quiz
We have a selection of your favorite, and the best Travel Quizes including our Kids Fairy Tales quiz, with printable questions and printable answer sheets. Travel trivia questions and answers with the Kids Fairy Tales quiz. Our printable quiz format is suitable for fun roadtrips and travel Boredom busters. Have fun testing your knowledge on Kids Fairy Tales with our challenging questions and answers. Print the Free Kids Fairy Tales Quiz sheet with Questions and Answers for Kids, Children, Teens, Students and Adults!

Kids Fairy Tales Trivia Questions

1. Where did Peter Pan take the Darling children?
2. Who did the mirror on the wall say was the fairest one of all?
3. Which one of the Seven Dwarfs did not have a beard?
4. What did Cinderella lose at the ball?
5. Who did the three bears find when they came home?
6. What did the fairy godmother turn into a coach for Cinderella?
7. What appeared when Aladdin rubbed his lamp?
8. Who changed Pinocchio into a real boy?
9. What were Dorothy’s tiny friends in the “Wizard of Oz” called?
10. Who are Anastasia and Drizella?


Preparation & Items required to Play Kids Fairy Tales Quiz
Before you travel and embark on your roadtrip just print a quiz of your choice. Create a games travel folder or just attach pages to a clipboard. The items required for the Kids Fairy Tales Quiz is as follows:

  • Pen or Pencil

  • Kids Fairy Tales Quiz Sheet and a clipboard

Stress-Free Roadtrips and Travel Games & Puzzles


Fun Roadtrip Games & Puzzles - Kids Fairy Tales Quiz

Kids Fairy Tales Quiz!

  • Free Kids Fairy Tales Quiz - perfect activity for travel

  • Free, Printable Fun Roadtrip Kids Fairy Tales quiz

  • Boredom Buster Fun for travel

  • Kids Fairy Tales Quiz for a free, fun travel activity!

  • A Free, Fun Roadtrip Kids Fairy Tales Quiz - Questions and Answers

  • Free, Printable Kids Fairy Tales Quiz

  • Perfect as a Fun Roadtrip activity to play in your car

  • Kids Fairy Tales Quiz is suitable for all types of travel with sheets containing Questions and Answers

Fun Roadtrip Games including the Kids Fairy Tales Quiz
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Kids Fairy Tales Quiz

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