Kids Fairy Tales Fun Quiz Questions

Enjoy completing these Kids Fairy Tales Fun Quiz Questions

Kids Fairy Tales Trivia Questions

1. Question 1 – Where did Peter Pan take the Darling children?
2. Question 2 – Who did the mirror on the wall say was the fairest one of all?
3. Question 3 – Which one of the Seven Dwarfs did not have a beard?
4. Question 4 - What did Cinderella lose at the ball?
5. Question 5 – Who did the three bears find when they came home?
6. Question 6 – What did the fairy godmother turn into a coach for Cinderella?
7. Question 7 – What appeared when Aladdin rubbed his lamp?
8. Question 8 – Who changed Pinocchio into a real boy?
9. Question 9 – What were Dorothy’s tiny friends in the “Wizard of Oz” called?
10. Question 10 – Who are Anastasia and Drizella?