Kids Bible Fun Quiz Answers

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1. Question 1 – Where did Adam and Eve live according to the Bible story? Answer: Garden Of Eden
2. Question 2 Who was the mother of Jesus? Answer: Mary
3. Question 3 – What is the name of the first book of the Bible? Answer: Genesis
4. Question 4 - What city is a holy city for three different religions? Answer: Jerusalem
5. Question 5 – Which country is not referred to in the Bible: Armenia, Ethiopia, India, Libya, Malta, Tunisia, Spain? Answer: Tunisia
6. Question 6 – Who are the only two angels named in the Bible? Answer: Gabriel & Michael
7. Question 7 - What were the names of Adam and Eves three sons? Answer: Cain, Abel & Seth
8. Question 8 - According to the Bible, what was God’s first command? Answer: Let there be Light
9. Question 9 – Who turned into a pillar of salt in the story from the Bible? Answer: Lot’s Wife
10. Question 10 – When Noah was on the Ark, how many days and nights did it rain? Answer: 40