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Travelling with Children

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Travelling with Children
Travelling with children can be lots of fun but it can also be a bit daunting trying to keep everyone amused. Children get bored very quickly and to avoid any stressful moments it is essential you remember to pack your child’s familiar things, whether it is their favourite blanket or teddy. As well as the essentials it is a good idea to give each child their small bag or backpack crammed with activities to keep them amused. 

Travelling with Children
For car travel it is a good idea to pack a small bag with a change of clothes when travelling with children that is easily accessible in the event of travel sickness or an accident. The last thing you want to do in this situation is unload the luggage and search through suitcases for a change of clothes.

Travelling with Children
This checklist will help you to remember what the children in your family need to ensure a fun roadtrip for the whole family! Print off the checklist below and tick off the items as you pack, guaranteed to make packing less stressful and give you more time to relax and enjoy your impending roadtrip.


Travelling with Children



Y / N

Passport – Essential if you travelling abroad


Car Seat or Booster Seat


Lightweight Buggy / Stroller with rain cover and sunshade for toddlers


Sunshades / Window Shades for the car to protect children’s eyes from the sun




Children’s Sunglasses


Travel Potty with spare pack of disposable liners - Essential for toddlers and younger children


Anti-bacterial Hand cleaner / gel


Sunscreen / Sun Block


Plastic Bags – Useful for rubbish or soiled clothes




Children’s Soap / Shower Gel – Small travel size bottle


Children’s Shampoo – Small travel size bottle




Bottled Water


Snacks – Low sugar / Not chocolate


Colouring Pencils / Felt Pens


Blank Paper


Colouring Pages


Books – At least two favourite story books


Wordsearches / Crosswords / Sudoku


Travel Games


Selection of toys – Familiar toys as well as a few inexpensive new ones


Pack of Playing Cards


Pair of Dice


Football / Bats / Tennis Balls – Ideal for stopping off at a park on those long car roadtrips




Waterproof / Windproof Jacket – Pack at least one


Sun Suit / Swimsuit – Pack at least two


Beach Sandals / Jellies


Arm Bands / Flotation Jackets


Beach Ball / Frisbee / Kite


Bucket and Spade / Beach Toys


Beach Towels / Hooded Towelling Robes are ideal






Jumper / Cardigan – Pack at least two for those chilly evenings


Tops / T-Shirts


Skirts / Trousers / Shorts – Pack at least one outfit per day and a few spares


First Aid Kit – Baby Painkiller, Anti Histamine, Travel Sickness Medication etc


Travelling with Children

Y / N

Stress-Free Roadtrips and Travel Games


Fun Roadtrip Games - Travelling with Children

Travelling with Children!

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Travelling with Children

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