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Travelling with Babies

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Travelling with Babies
Your first road trip as a family can be lots of fun but can also be a bit daunting for the new parent who is unsure what to pack. This travelling with babies checklist will help you to remember all that the youngest member of the family will need for your fun roadtrip! For car travel it is a good idea to pack a small bag with a change of clothes for everyone that is easily accessible in the event of travel sickness or an accident. The last thing you want to do in this situation is unload the luggage and search through suitcases for a change of clothes.  

Travelling with Babies Checklist
Print off the travelling with babies checklist below and tick off the items as you pack, guaranteed to make packing less stressful and give you more time to relax and enjoy your impending roadtrip.


Travelling with Babies Checklist



Y / N

Passport Essential if you travelling abroad


Car Seat


Travel Cot Can also be used as a playpen


Sheets for travel cot Pack at least two


Lightweight Buggy / Stroller with rain cover and sunshade


Sunshades / Window Shades for the car to protect babies eyes from the sun




Baby Sunglasses


Sunscreen / Sun Block


Nappies One for each hour and some spares for emergencies


Baby Wipes


Nappy Sacks


Travel Changing Mat


Plastic Bags Useful for rubbish or soiled clothes


Nappy Rash Cream


Baby Blankets




Baby Bath Small travel size bottle


Baby Shampoo Small travel size bottle




Dummies / Soothers


Baby Food






Bottles / Beakers


Bottle Brush


Sterilising Tablets


Bottled Water If travelling by  car


Breast Pump


Formula Ready made cartons are convenient for travelling


First Aid Kit Baby Painkiller, Anti Histamine etc


Vests Allow one per day and a few spare for accidents


Baby Grow / Romper suits Allow one to two per day and a few spares


Cardigan At least two, even in warm climates the evenings can be cold




Jacket Pack at least one


Sun Suit / Swimsuit


Swim Nappies


Sun Tent Essential to provide shade on the beach


Selection of toys


Travel Stairgate Check with your holiday accommodation if these are provided.


Stress-Free Roadtrips and Travel Games


Fun Roadtrip Games - Travelling with Babies

Travelling with Babies!

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Travelling with Babies

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