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Top Ten Road Trip
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Top Ten Road Trip Planning Tips
Helpful Top Ten Road Trip Planning Tips! Our practical planning tips to ensure that car and safety requirements are met is highlighted in our Top Ten Road Trip Planning Tips. Our Top Ten Tips include tyre pressure, car breakdown cover, emergency contact numbers, drivers license and Insurance certificate, car toolkit, car breakdown warning equipment, spare clothes, food and drink.

Top Ten Road Trip Planning Tips

Planning Tip 1. Check your car before you set off on your roadtrip. Ensure it has been serviced recently and the water and washers are topped up. Check the tyre pressure is correct and inspect tyres for signs of wear and damage. Consult your car manual as the tyre pressure varies depending on the amount of passengers and load carried.

Planning Tip 2. Do you have car breakdown cover? If you are leaving the country with your car you will need additional insurance.

Planning Tip 3. Make a list of emergency contact numbers or better still add them to your mobile as contacts. Make sure you can contact your insurance company and breakdown repairer in an emergency as well as contact numbers for any accommodation booked at your destination. Charge your mobile phone fully before you leave and make sure you pack the in car charger.

Planning Tip 4. You will need your drivers license and Insurance certificate so make sure you have these to hand in case you are stopped by the police for a driving offence!

Planning Tip 5. Be aware of the location of your car toolkit. In the event of a flat or burst tyre you need to know where you can find the toolkit quickly.

Planning Tip 6. Make sure you have a warning triangle and florescent/reflective jacket in case of breakdown. It is best to check the driving rules for each country that you are travelling to as each country has its own requirements relating to speed limits, headlights and seatbelts to name just a few.

Planning Tip 7. Make sure your first aid kit is complete and you know where it is.

Planning Tip 8. If you have a Satellite Navigation /GPS system make sure it is updated with maps and postcodes or co-ordinates of all hotels / travel destinations on your route pre-saved as favourites (this saves a lot of time!). Have maps for each destination with local attractions, points of interest (do your research online for each destination and make a list of possible attractions before setting off. Print copies and keep them to hand so you donít waste time searching for tourist information centres and subsequently arguing over what to see or do)

Planning Tip 9. Pack a change of clothes for everyone and keep separate from the rest of your luggage so they can be accessed quickly. This is a must for young children but also useful for adults in the event of any travel sickness or spilt drinks!

Planning Tip 10. Food and Drinks. Last but definitely not least! Make sure you have plenty of snacks and juice for everyone. Plastic bottles with sports caps are ideal for all ages. In the winter a flask of hot chocolate or coffee is perfect. Everyone gets hungry on roadtrips but try not to pack too much junk food, healthy snacks or fruit are ideal.

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Top Ten Road Trip Planning Tips!

  • Top Ten Road Trip Planning Tips to take the stress out of car, road trips and other forms of travel

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  • Top Ten Road Trip Planning Tips - Perfect for family travel

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  • Don't forget to check you car insurance and get some online travel insurance quotes for a fun roadtrip with our Top Ten Road Trip Planning Tips

Top Ten Road Trip Planning Tips - Don't Forget your Travel Insurance & Car Insurance!
Road Trip Planning including Top Ten Road Trip Planning Tips - If you are considering a long roadtrip or other forms of travel get some insurance quotes online and gain access to various travel insurance and car insurance companies. Compare their travel and car insurance quotes at the same time you are planning a Road Trip to help with your vacation budget. Compare car insurance quotes and rates for the cheapest cover for your automobile and travel requirements. Check out affordable, low cost, cheap insurance cover by comparing quotes online. If you are searching online also check out the best deals for cheap car hire and discount car rentals for stress free, fun roadtrip or other travel plans. Plan ahead and enjoy our Road Trip Planning, Top Ten Road Trip Planning Tips and our Travel Planner!

Top Ten Road Trip Planning Tips

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