Rescue at the last moment

Dominic buckreus FC seibelsdorf experienced a rollercoaster of emotions on the double match day in the district class 4. First, the club had to cancel friday’s match with TSV neukenroth at short notice due to a lack of players. On sunday followed in the derby against the FC unter-/oberrodach the first win of the season. The summer was similarly turbulent at the club. The deregistration from the game was already a done deal. But just eight hours later, new coach andreas pohl gave the go-ahead for the start of training.

There was a crisis in the team when pohl decided to take over as coach at the end of april: "it was no longer a team, but a pile of miscues, recalls the 35-year-old. There were differences of opinion and group formation. In addition, there were major personnel problems and an outdated team. And already in the season before the FC seibelsdorf had secured the class preservation on the last play day only scarcely. Many players had already expressed their desire to leave the club.

Mature consideration

Therefore, the club had already reacted before, tried for example, to found a play community. However, this plan failed, explains chairman kevin kestel. The club management continued to look for ways to keep the game going and turned to pohl, who was still on the bench at FSV danndorf. "They wanted me because I had been at the club for eleven years and therefore knew the structures, knew the players and had a good contact to the youth in the club", says pohl. After two weeks of consideration and many sleepless nights, weibenbrunner decided to help his former club. "I knew that the squad was very thin and that it would be difficult. But when you’ve been busting your bones for eleven years, you’re happy to help", he explains his decision.

He immediately set about finding reinforcements for his team. But by the end of april it was almost too late for that. "I have not been able to achieve much in the short of time." He informed his remaining players and gave everyone two weeks to think about whether he wanted to continue this difficult path with FC seibelsdorf. "We all didn’t mince words", says pohl.

At 10 o’clock was the end

Many of the players did not want to take this step and left the club. 24. June, 10 a.M., crisis meeting. "For us as a board it was clear that it could not go on any longer. At that time, we were far from being able to put 13 to 14 men on the pitch every week," he recalls, says kestel. The club management informed its coach that it was probably not going to continue.

"I had actually already resigned myself to the fact that I would be taking a break until the winter", remembers pohl. But then he got a call at 6 p.M. "The hard core of the team, native seibelsdorf and players who have been in the club forever, had thought of something and wanted the club to live on." So he scheduled the first practice for the following day.

It was the decisive day in this turbulent summer. All change activities were carried out only after that and the club started to look for players again. With success. Among other things, five players were found in neighboring czech republic. "Without them we had had a problem, but they have no special status because of it. But this is only a transitional solution that will last a maximum of one year", the coach emphasizes.

The will is there

The communication in training works quite well, and the coach also notices the will in his team: "although we started the season as a rump team, we always have ten to twelve players in training. Some are still young, some still need a little time, but we are on the right track", assures pohl.

The first sense of achievement came on sunday with a 3:2 home win in the derby against FC unter-/oberrodach. "Miracles happen all the time. After the performances of the past weeks I had never thought of it. In the team has gone much over the will, but it must also be said that rodach had not had the best day either. But this victory has done us a lot of good", says pohl.

Despite all efforts, however, there was a cancellation of the game just two days before the meeting at TSV neukenroth. "That was a lot of bad luck in one day", declares the coach. Some students were absent, four players were on vacation, two were prevented by work and two were ill. Only eight players remain. "I hope that this will not happen to us again. The team wanted to face this task, then they have to pull it through."

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