Regulated driving in the wiesenbronn forest

The hunters of wiesenbronn wrote a letter to the mayor doris paul, pointing out the disturbance of the game in the community forest and the problems for hunting and browsing of the game. Paul informed the councillors at the youngest meeting of the year.

Too little consideration is given to hunting issues during logging work, and the use of forest roads by a wide variety of vehicles makes hunting more difficult and encourages browsing by game, since the game has too little rest. The hunters also suggested in their letter that a time window be set up for work in the forest and that barriers be erected to prevent unauthorized vehicles from entering the forest roads, they concluded.

Collection times for wood

Mayor doris paul emphasized that the roads in the forest were only open for forestry and hunting operations, and that the only reason the barriers didn’t work for a while was because the locks had been stolen. The old locksmiths are now in place again. On the other hand, the forestry industry must be given credit for the fact that 2018 and 2019 were exceptional years due to the heat and drought and the resulting fall in damaged wood. There were now another 500 solid meters that had to be stored outside the forest.

In order to ensure that forestry and hunting operations run smoothly together, the logging permits are supplemented by the logging time, a move that received unanimous approval in the council. At this year’s timber auction, smaller polders will be offered so that hardwood and softwood are available, the mayor announced.

At the meeting of the municipal representatives of the steigerwald nature park in geiselwind, the mayor informed them that, as with the dream circuits for the trails in the steigerwald, uniform signage is to be installed in order to also better design the transitions to the boundaries of the various municipalities. For wiesenbronn, the cost of posts and signs is around 6700 euros. The municipal councils approved this investment on the condition that all the municipalities would participate.

Request for old teacher’s residence

As in the other municipalities of our district, the letter of the bavarian municipal council was read out in wiesenbronn, which deals with the financing of the new building of the animal shelter, for which a loan of 1.5 million euro with a term of 20 years is necessary due to the construction costs of 2.4 to 2.6 million euro. For wiesenbronn, at 70 cents per capita per year for the upkeep of the animal shelter and from 1.50 to 1.70 euros for loan repayments, this would mean an amount of 1812 euros per year at a repayment rate of 1.70 euros, which was unanimously approved.

A unanimous decision was taken to design a grass and parking area with three to four paved parking spaces in klingenstrabe. For renovation work on the former teacher’s residence, which also involves the window shutters, a concept is to be drawn up to obtain a claim, suggested village planner tom buchholz.

The public part of the meeting ended with a cell phone picture taken by the mayoress at the beginning of november showing red wine yeast in the clarification plant: "this is a mess and i take back my statement that i put my hand in the fire for the winegrowers", so the clear words of the mayoress.

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