Rattelsdorf builds jerk retention basin

Rattelsdorf builds jerk retention basin

At the meeting of the rattelsdorf market town council, chamberman alfred heider spoke of an expected record budget when presenting the draft budget. The income and expenditure in the administrative budget amount to about 6.35 million euros. Last year, the figure was a good 5.92 million euros.

"Personnel costs have increased", but will be covered by higher revenues from key allocations, trade tax and the share of income tax." The addition to the property budget (865,000 euros) is positive. Expenditure in the budget is still dependent on the motions of the parliamentary groups during the budget discussions.

So far, just under 5.47 million euros have been earmarked for investments in the property budget. The budget volume will reach almost twelve million euros for the first time this year.

Money for childcare
Among other things, one million euros will be allocated in the budget for the first part of the general renovation of the day care center and the construction of a new day care group. The planning costs for the general renovation of the school in rattelsdorf amount to 250,000 euros. Construction costs not expected until 2014.

Dangerous 840,000 euros will be the cost of building a road linking zaugendorf and mursbach.
In addition, 630,000 euros will be invested in the sewage disposal plant. This includes the construction of a stormwater retention basin and sewer replacement in angerstrabe. Mayor bruno kellner (VU) informed that this tree removal was started at the end of april with the construction of the rain overflow basin.

In the draft, 675,000 euros are earmarked for the hofen-hofenneusig through-road as a village renewal measure. In addition, the mayor reported that hofner had submitted a petition opposing the village renewal millage on the fountain square and the adjoining street.

The hofners argued with the high costs for the residents and with the fact that a lot of space would be lost at the fountain. Therefore, he proposed to take the project out of the village renewal, said kellner. It is unclear whether the work on the ebing clarification plant will be carried out this year. The construction project cost rattelsdorf around one million euros.

Budget decision in june
The draft budget goes to the parliamentary groups for discussion. Until 31. May the chamber will provide detailed information about it. Budget applications must also be submitted by this date. On 6. June the main and finance committee prepares the draft resolution. The budget is scheduled to be passed in the full session on 13. June occur. The draft budget and the procedure were unanimously approved by the market town council.

In this meeting, the chamber and the treasury also had their say. About the change of payment methods for water and sewage michael koch informed. The current accounting period of 15 months is to be made more closely aligned with the needs of the company. This year should be the first time on 30. September, with the effect that everything consumed in the calendar year should also be paid for in the same year.

The toll debt is to be paid on three due dates, each on the 30th of each month. March, 30. June and 30. September. For the burgers, the advance payments would not be so high, koch emphasized. The modification of the contribution and fee statutes was passed unanimously.

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