Producer legend eric pleskow dies at 95

Producer legend eric pleskow dies at 95

Film producer eric pleskow, who was involved in many world successes, is dead. The austrian-born producer, who was responsible for numerous oscar-winning films, died on tuesday at the age of 95, according to the viennale festival.

Pleskow had emigrated with his parents to the USA in 1939, fleeing from the nazis at the last second via france, belgium and holland. After the war he came to germany as a film officer for the american military government. In the USA, he was later involved as a film producer in many cinema successes, including the oscar-winning films "amadeus", "dances with wolves", "one flew over the cuckoo’s nest", "rocky" and "silence of the lammers".

"His death is a great loss for all of us," said the viennale on behalf of the entire team. "As president and patron of the viennale, he has always carried us with his humor and foresight."Pleskow had a "full and long life", he was appreciated as a longtime friend and companion of the festival. Pleskow had been president of the viennale since 1998.

He had only become a small mosaic stone in international film history through a chain of coincidences, he had told the austrian daily "kurier" in april 2019. "If i hadn’t had to flee austria, i would probably have been a doctor in vienna and long retired."The u.S. Army had sent pleskow to munich at the age of 21 to work as a film officer, combing through the productions of the nazi ara for propaganda machinations and to rebuild the "bavaria" film studios.

Back in the USA, as president of the film company united artists, he produced classics of film history. At the end of the 1970s he founded the orion pictures – and success remained true to him. "Take a touching story, a good script and a passionate director", pleskow said to the author of his biography. A well-known leading actor and a rough portion of luck couldn’t hurt either. However, pleskow himself did not always remain true to the recipe of the well-known leading actor. He got anthony hopkins, an english theater actor who was almost unknown at the beginning of the 1990s, to play the psychopath in "the silence of the lambs," even though everyone wanted robert de niro, he told "zeit" in 2010. "I always wanted something a little different."

United artists and orion pictures were also the first U.S. Companies to invest money in non-english language films. Without pleskow, many of the european masterpieces of fellini, pasolini, bertolucci and truffaut could not have been made ? Like "1900," "the 120 days of sodom," "satyricon" or "the last tango," the "kurier" wrote.

In films like "platoon" or "apocalypse now," he was interested in people who were caught in the mills of an institution, who had to assert themselves against a system. "I’m not interested in those hollywood heroes who rise above themselves, but in their crises and struggles, even with themselves," pleskow told the "zeit" newspaper. With woody allen, pleskow produced numerous films – and, as he himself said, respected his command not to disturb him at work. One of the most important awards for him was the honorary citizenship of his hometown of vienna, which he received in 2007.

The very old man described his successful escape in 2019 as the greatest happiness of his life: "that I am still alive and have children and grandchildren ? That is my revenge on hitler," he told the "kurier".

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