Performance in st. George

Performance in st. George

It has become a tradition: the trombone choir and the church choir of igensdorf start the finale of the year with a joint rehearsal weekend before the annual joint concert in st. Gallen. Georg. This will take place this year on sunday, 30. April, at 7 pm. All the pieces, which, according to a statement by the musicians, "were carefully selected and musically rehearsed and worked out over a long period of time with great attention to detail", are worked on intensively once again before the concert. Each work gets the final touches.
Under the direction of church choir director roswitha plott and trombone choir director rainer friedrich, there is once again a varied program to listen to. The participation of guests is also part of this popular event in the calendar of the church community.

Training of the blowers

This year, christoph schmidt on the organ, christian singer on percussion and trumpeter regina scherer added to the evening's entertainment. The latter has been responsible for the training of the young brass players for six years now, until they are finally accepted as brass players in the choir. Of course, a performance by the trainees is not to be missed, with second choir director jonas melchner conducting.
Admission is from 18.30 o'clock; the entrance is free as every year.

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