Oberland communities show their power

Oberland communities show their power

The bayerische rundschau talked to LQN chairman hermann dorfler about the current status of these preparations and what the players still have to accomplish.

BR mr. Dorfler, there is less than a month to go until the second LQN trade show goes on stage. After the outstanding success of the first trade show three years ago, the bar is high. Can this be topped again?
Hermann dorfler no, i don’t think so. If the second trade show is as successful as the first, then we will be satisfied. Everything went very well at the first trade show.

What are the next steps that will take place??
After easter we will start full promotion of our LQN trade show. On 18. April is then a press interview with the two patrons of the gewerbeschau, landrat klaus-peter sollner from kulmbach and bernd hering from hof, and the mayors of the LQN municipalities as well as reiner meisel of the leading working group economy and me scheduled.

The gastro tent was a really great place to be in 2009. Will there be again?
In any case! Gastronomers and bakers from the LQN region will once again participate in the event, offering visitors their excellent cuisine and specialties from the region.

In the discussions after the first show, it became clear that it had broken up the church tower view of the individual communities somewhat. Stands the second show in this line?
Naturally. After the first show it has been confirmed: we can do something, and especially with each other.

How is the LQN thaler’s own perception running??
Excellent. To put it briefly: currently, LQN tokens worth more than 34,000 euros are permanently in circulation – in an area with only 10,000 inhabitants.
Has a movement really developed that strengthens the regional economic cycles??
I think so. The joint appearance of the business community from the LQN area at the first trade fair showed the citizen what great potential there is here in trade and commerce and what can be made available to the region. Regional cycles are enormously important for the strengthening of our region and our domestic economy.

What is the political backing for the whole project??
I think: positive. It is also evident from the fact that the two district councils, sollner and hering, have taken over the patronage of our second trade show and are therefore also behind our entire LQN project.

Is the whole commitment to LQN also a hard sell??
From time to time yes. Sometimes things go well, sometimes a little worse. But the positive aspects of this commitment outweigh the negative ones.

The questions were asked by our employee matthias trendel.

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