Not all sirens sounded in hammelburg

Not all sirens sounded in hammelburg

The sirens at the fire station and in pfaffstrabe were silent. "The repair company is understood", says mareike mutzel from the city administration. The test was worthwhile because it brought the shortcomings to light.

Generally, sirens are not very storanfallig. With the older generation still from the late 1960s, however, the need for repairs is slowly increasing. At some point the engines fail.
This shortage was already known from untererthal. There, the siren no longer sounded at the beginning of april during the monthly fire alarm test. In this case, too, the city is waiting for fitters. The repairs cost around 5,000 euros. The fire department's turntable ladder provides valuable services during the work.

It is not surprising, by the way, if the siren on the town hall does not wail during the rehearsal runs for the disaster case. It serves as an alarm in case of fire. To avoid constant public address, the siren is only activated in cases of extreme emergency, such as when there are not enough firefighters at the scene of a fire. The first alarm is long over radio alarms. With well over 100 fire department operations a year, the siren was otherwise sometimes rubbed out of order several times a day. 

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