Mayor smurf in tow

There was soon high spirits in the hall after the start at 2 p.M. With the joyful momentum, many an "old man" had a bad feeling likes to swing his dancing leg. But the dance floor was naturally left to the children. The children scurried around the dance floor from two to 14 years old.
There were dance attempts to admire, timid steps, but also stormy crossing of the dance floor. And there were always little ones who picked up the confetti on the floor and threw it over the others’ disguises. A popular performance for the girls was "princess, as ever, the boys were dominated by policemen and cowboys.
Mayor jochen partheymuller and the municipal councilors were all "on board. According to the old tradition, they also took care of the physical well-being and gave each child a free bratwurst and a limo. Jochen partheymuller managed the entertainment in the hall with games such as journey to jerusalem, balloon dancing or eating carrot heads, which was a lot of fun for everyone. This time, the little ones led the polonaise themselves, with the burgermeister smurf, who was to form the head of the snake, in tow.

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