Kropf defends title at sandkerwa fishing contest

Saturday evening 20:45 in front of the schlenkerla. Once again the traffic jammed and it was almost impossible to get through. It felt like one step forward and two steps back. But it was interesting how differently people dealt with the urge. Then the mother called to the father: "robert, have you got the little one??" Another one explained to his wife: "this is only at the schlenkerla, but it goes faster again." And an unknown person shouted out his "staufrust": "damn, there is fei more beer than just the schlenkerla"."

This snapshot shows that even on the third day of the sandkerwa the stream of visitors did not stop. In the midst of the hustle and bustle there were four musicians with their big alphorns. Amazing on the one hand how they maneuvered the meter high horns through the crowd and on the other hand how they always managed to find a place for their horns to be played.

The ascent of the decorated boats, which were accompanied by fireworks and groovy music from the canned goods, was also a major attraction. It was sounded on a moving scarf, which was moving from markusbrucke in the direction of the old town hall. Alternatively, fireworks were rounded off from the ship to the height of the crane. At over twenty minutes long, it lasted almost twice as long as tomorrow's farewell fireworks, which will once again be rounded off by michaelsberg.

Sandkerwa sunday fell into the water

Only the fischerstechen and the sandkerwa-sunday fell literally in the water. So everyone got wet at this year's fisherman's contest: the fisherman, the boaters and the spectators. It was pleasing, however, that nevertheless a respectable number of visitors came and that dominik kropf of the lower fishermen's and skippers' guild was able to defend his title from last year. In the final fight the young fischerstecher from bamberg defeated karl randler of the schlierseer buam, who himself had already won eight or nine times. The shortest fight this year lasted less than five seconds. A total of 16 punches from five teams fought for the cup. Among them also the original georg seemuller from schliersee. The 72 year old, who was one of the first from schliese to fight in bamberg, stepped in once again, because otherwise the team would have been too decimated. However, the experienced fisherman did not finish in the top four. The fight for third place was between andreas gugel of the wurzburg fishermen's guild and hans most of the schlierseer buam. Whereby gugel won, most however went "swimming".

Daniel deuber of the lower fishermen and skippers guild won the first place at the school stabbing. Sven neubauer from the folding boat club came second and paul randler from schliersee came third. The victory in the youth fishing competition was won by johannes beetz from the bamberger fischerzunft. Felix steiner from the cathedral choir had to settle for second place. Third place went to julius trunk.

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