“It’s hard for me to keep my mouth shut.”

Imbued with a deep inner conviction and an attitude that is directed against hate in any form, dunja hayali gave a good three hours of insight into her life as a journalist, but also as a citizen of this country that she loves and whose basic values she defends and wants to be defended. If she was aiming for a consensus and a common understanding on this rainy evening in the bamberg concert and congress hall, then she succeeded very well, the 700 or so spectators in the not quite sold-out joseph keilbert hall applauded again and again and thanked her at the end with a standing ovation.

“Wilma” and the homeland

But in the beginning there was “wilma, the eleven-month-old golden retriever dog, pacing curiously on the stage and looking kindly at the audience, as if she wanted to provide variety in her human”s presentation. Dunja hayali, on the other hand, first took various objects out of a black cloth bag, draped them around her book, and thus created a small piece of home for herself on the stage, which was otherwise empty except for her table (from “wilma”) apart from that). A little piece of “haymatland, (“i am quite capable of writing “home” correctly”) is the title of her almost two-year-old book (published by ullstein), which is a very personal excerpt from her life and by no means a guide to islamization. Quite the opposite. Dunja hayali does not allow the term “home” to be used from the right to take away hoods, nor to dissuade them from expressing their opinion, to show attitude, also and especially in the social media, which they like to call “antisocial media” calls. One might rightly write that when one reads the comments of certain users on twitter, for example, one wonders whether they have ever heard of spelling rules and whether they are capable of other emotions besides hatred.

Hate against everything and everyone

Dunja hayali was first confronted with this hatred, this blind destructive rage directed against everything and everyone who supposedly doesn’t confirm her own prejudices and preconceived ideas, when she was interviewing the "heute-journal" in 2007 moderated. Whose boss claus kleber warned her that she would always be the foreigner, the other one, for a certain group, regardless of the fact that dunja hayali is german and was born here because her parents chose germany as their new home.

But what is this actually, this homeland?? Certainly not what "concerned citizens" imagine ("they are racists") and other right-wing extremists by exclusion and backwardness under it imagine and where they want to bring this country. Because, according to dunja hayali, they pit poor people against even poorer people, generalize and vote afd out of protest, even if they can’t explain why when asked.

Against enemies of the constitution

"If they want to vote for the afd out of protest, they simply stay at home", says dunja hayali, because these enemies of the constitution and democracy profit from the right to freedom of opinion protected by the constitution from the very state they want to abolish: "don"t whine around when they are called what they are." Because democracy is defensible, but not self-evident, dunja hayali called on her audience to compare their prejudices with reality, to question their own opinions and not to generalize about the "many and the many to see grautone and not to complain about the fact that the "heute-journal can"t cover all the news in one day. This was not possible even before the internet.

There is no one-size-fits-all

Over-exaggerated and therefore inadmissible headlines that are only looking for a like or a click are becoming more and more common on the internet. But they are no reason to agitate against "the" media media, after all, in germany there is no uniformity of either media or parties. Even if public broadcasting and its financing are criticized again and again, it is still necessary because only stations like ZDF, dunja hayali’s employer, are obligated to reflect the entire spectrum of political opinion – and to invite afd politicians for interviews.

Society must also and above all consider how it wants to deal with politics. Not only were visions missing as to how we want to live together in the future. There is also a lack of politicians who are able to admit mistakes and it is unclear how we can inspire young people for politics.

Good childhood

What each individual can do? Dunja hayali reminded us of good childhood, of the way we treat each other, whether we elbow our way through the queue at the supermarket checkout or talk to each other in a friendly way and thank the cashier or ignore her. "It costs them nothing", she appeals to the audience, some of whom could not or did not want to wait for the end of the reading, which was concluded by questions from the audience. Most, however, stayed to thank her with prolonged applause and to line up in the foyer for an autograph.

The words of thanks from the organizers of the bamberg literature festival (bamlit) were spoken by asli heinzel and patron tanja kinkel, who handed over a bamberg book. The evening was introduced by klaus stieringer and wolfgang heyder for bamlit.

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