In trebgast there’s still trouble with the railroad

In trebgast there's still trouble with the railroad

In the morning at 7.30 o’clock in the berliner strabe. It is still relatively dark. Vehicles pass the platform every second in both directions. Dieter muhr, equipped with reflective yellow jacket and traffic ladle, has already been on site for a quarter of an hour. He is one of 16 school crossing helpers who take turns every week to ensure that schoolchildren from the eastern residential area of "flur" can get to school on time the road can be crossed without danger at this point.

Dieter muhr doesn’t have to wait long for the first children to approach him. He has to be careful, because the crossing is directly behind a bend, from which the vehicles coming from the center of town suddenly emerge. "When the road is still a bit slippery in the morning, and a car comes around the bend here and suddenly has to slam on the brakes because of the children crossing, it can be a tight squeeze.", he assesses the situation now in winter.

In fact, the municipality has now ensured that this traffic junction should long be a thing of the past. In the course of the technical upgrading of the railroad crossing by DB netz AG, the company had a new sidewalk built on the left from its own funds. But unfortunately, the german railroad is once again not playing along.

Over half a year the temporary tree acceptance of the railroad AG at the treb gaster rail network dragged on. Many burghers have had bad summer nights because of the larvae pollution, especially on weekends. With the completion and commissioning of the new central platform at the beginning of december, the essential work in the station area and the surrounding local railroad overpasses has been completed. But it’s still not going without a hitch: the sidewalk at the berliner strabe crossing is still closed for no apparent reason.

This is a cause for concern because it is precisely here that a potential danger for schoolchildren could be eliminated. If it wasn’t for the blockage at the railroad crossing, the children could have gone right behind the "opels" building to move safely to the other side of the road, because at this point the road is clearly visible in both directions of travel. From here, the sidewalk runs continuously to the school building.

The reason given by the railroad company for the continued closure of the walkway, which is completely finished from the construction side, is that the newly asphalted surface over the rails still has to be provided with two white marker strips as a limitation. However, this logic is not obvious to the attentive observer, because these border strips are also missing from the sidewalk on the other side. And it is not closed, but unobstructed for the walkers.

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