Horn employees are stunned

Horn employees are stunned

"We put our backs into it. We have made overtime and no vacation. We did our best and we are in the black again. But now we can go. Thank you", says one employee only. He worked in production at the grafengehaig company for more than twenty years, has a family and is in his forties. "It will be difficult for us", female already and can not say more about the situation. For he is at a loss for words.

"We still have four weeks of extension. I’ll probably have to go to the employment office now", says astrid witzgall. The shock is still in her limbs as well. She was active in the preparatory stage of the production, has 23 years gladly with the company horn worked. And because she was from grafengehaig, the workplace was just ideal. "We all hoped until the end. But now we are all just sad, devastated. We are all disappointed, our livelihoods are at stake", says astrid witzgall. "The people have all relied on the fact that it goes on. That could break our neck", says the worker. Most of the employees did not want to or could not say anything about the situation after the staff meeting.

The news spreads like wildfire in grafengehaig. In the village store "unner ladla" in grafengehaig everyone in the village put their heads together. Everyone had hoped for a happy ending.

Zumrut gadhi himself worked at horn for 21 years. It was already announced at the end of may last year. Since then she receives unemployment benefits, the job search is difficult. "I am looking for a part-time job, I am a trained industrial clerk, but was in sales for many years", she explains. "It was impossible to estimate the situation", says gadhi. She can only wish all the old colleagues, who were blindsided by the announcement of the works meeting, all the best. "We will find nothing more in all of upper franconia. Because the textile industry is down"; says another employee. He sounds resigned, because he was the main breadwinner in the family.

"The horn company is so important for grafengehaig. I myself worked there for 32 years and my whole family is employed there, my daughter, my son, my daughter-in-law", shakes kathi woman’s head. She is afraid that her family could also be affected.. But maybe their children are still lucky, because they are not actually directly employed in production. "They all have houses, so it’s going to be difficult," says kathi weib, says the woman openly and honestly.

"Mer konnerd greina", says gudrun kemnitzer of the village store in grafengehaig. Her husband was with horn for 47 years, but he would have retired anyway. "So it doesn’t affect us that much," said kemnitzer himself. But the village store will also notice the closure of the production facility. "They have always ordered liver cheese and wienerla and minced meat sandwiches on wednesdays. And many, even those who were not from grafengehaig, still shopped with us"; says kemnitzer. "But one thing must be said, it was a nice job at horn. And the people always got their money", says kathi weib.

Edith zuleeg is also shocked. "I think it would have been good if the jobs could have been preserved"; says zuleeg only. And also martha blenn, believes that the whole of grafengehaig will be affected by the closure of the horn company as a production site. Because even if design, sales and administration are to stay, the majority of the remaining 47 employees will have to leave.

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