Hebdorf community council puts the brakes on school renovation costs

Hebdorf community council puts the brakes on school renovation costs

As mario bodem from the office ing + arch emphasized in the youngest meeting of the hebdorf community council, the tender status is currently at 99 percent. In total it is only 0.6 percent above the cost estimate. "The current total cost of the renovation work is 11.76 million euros", explained the planner.

In the meeting it was again necessary to award some contracts, so that the work can be coordinated with the craftsmen. 13 companies applied for the carpentry work and submitted a cost offer for, among other things, two built-in cakes for the break sale and the after-school care center, for wooden window sills, coat racks with a bench and for lockers. Minimum bidder was the company innenbaubau moreth from eschlkam, it will export the carpentry work for about 185000 euros. The cost calculation is thus undercut by around 9.8 percent.

Companies should take gauze

The work for the room signage will be carried out by the company aufdruck from nurnberg for just over 7000 euros. The same company was awarded the contract for the production and installation of the marking foils. As the planner explained on request, this refers to a number of visual protection foils, which cost around 8600 euros.

There was a discussion about the cleaning of the construction site, because a number of trade companies leave their residual material, which has to be sorted and disposed of, on the construction site. That is what the planner wants to take care of. But not only the construction site has to be cleaned, but also the building itself. The only bidder was the schmidt company from happurg, with an audited gross bid amount of just over 38,000 euros. The cost of this work was calculated at about 20,000 euros gross. The additional costs are partly due to the current market situation, but also to bidding dimensions, multiple cleanings and an optional initial maintenance of the linoleum floor, which was not included in the cost calculation. The council agreed with the architect that some services would still be negotiated and that the contract would be worked through in stages.

Aubenanlagen are still too expensive

The interior work on the sports hall will also cost almost twice as much as calculated, at just under 160,000 euros. Architect bodem, however, was able to mitigate the council’s dismay. The work planning included services in a rough order of about 75,000 euros, which were actually to be assigned to other trades (drywall ceiling, drywall walls, floor coverings).

The offer for the design of the school facilities was not accepted. In february, it was decided that the budget of half a million euros should not be exceeded. The offer now amounts to just under 760,000 euros. "This is not acceptable to the public", manfred bareis (CSU) expressed his opposition to the proposal and was supported by fellow member stefan reif.

The planner bernd kounvsky was present at the meeting and explained the costs. The disposal of asphalt and other materials resulted in high costs, as the existing asphalt surfaces had to be excavated and the subgrade rebuilt. The committee agreed with the planner that the tree removal will be calculated again exactly and savings will be sought. It is possible that the reconstruction of the path to the kindergarten will not be necessary.

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