Hand pump truck to go

With 25 active members, including seven women, the rothhausen volunteer fire department is well positioned, said commander dominik englert in his annual review at the general meeting. Nevertheless, the youth must always be mobilized and addressed for the service with the fire department, since the allubliche new generation decrease does not stop naturally also before the fire departments. The average age of the active members is 30 years, which could use some rejuvenation.
Four missions had to be completed. Roughest challenge was a barn fire in altenmunster. In addition, the fire department provides technical assistance and regulates traffic. At the request of the hunters, some channels were also spooled. For the village community, the fire department always takes care of putting up the may and christmas trees. Three firefighters took part in respirator training in oberthulba. "When the breathing apparatuses arrive, the equipment will be up to date", the commander decided.
In the course of her greeting for the community, deputy mayor judith dekant said that the same portable fire pumps will be purchased for all three fire brigades of the community so that the familiar equipment can be operated with mutual assistance due to personnel shortages. The fire station, which has been damp for many years, is to be excavated on the left and right sides this year so that drainage can be installed.
During the general debate, the desire to move the historic hand pump truck to another location was expressed. The space was needed for the equipment of the respirators. The former municipal freezer could possibly be considered as a new location after reconstruction. Several home museums had turned down a request, reported chairman markus terwart.

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