Fuchsstadt is well prepared for the derby

Fuchsstadt is well prepared for the derby

FC fuchsstadt – DJK schwebenried (saturday, 4 p.M.) in time for the "regular highlight of the season, according to FC coach martin halbig, the "foxes (8./17) played in form with the 3:0 victory in rollbach. And thus on points drawn level with the DJK schwebenried/schwemmelsbach (9), which has recently been somewhat weak./17). Even dominik schonhofer's side were unable to halt the winning streak of top-ranked vatan spor aschaffenburg in a 2-1 defeat at home a week ago. "They played really well, so a point would not have been undeserved", said the FC coach martin halbig watching the match. The djkler's performance was worthy of all honor, but after a good start to the season, the team has fallen into a bit of a rut. The leaders of the fourth-place team in the preseason had a lot planned for this round in view of the promising newcomers. In addition to the two lengfelders andreas jazev and kevin markert, the DJK coach had placed high hopes on ex-05er jannik goller, the younger brother of rottershausen goalkeeper julian goller, as well as the long-time gochsheimer high achiever tino kummer. In fact, the quartet managed the jump into the regular formation and seemed to let the departure of the routiniers sebastian heinlein, simon weibenberger and dominik barth to get over. But right at the beginning of the season the team had to accept a severe personnel setback, their young midfielder yannick deibl injured himself so badly that he was out for a long time due to an operation on his ankle and will probably not be able to play in the derby either. "Deibl is one of the best players in the league. You can hardly compensate for such a loss", female half.

Progress in play as well

The FC coach himself goes into this match with rough expectations. "On the one hand, the personnel situation has improved recently, on the other hand, the team is making progress in terms of play, only the exploitation of opportunities could be even better." Guarantee of the successes was in particular the defense row, where the bartel brothers harmonize ever better with their nebenleuten.

And goal-scorer dominik halbig (11 goals in the season) seems to be on the right track after the return of his congenial partner "jogo" feser even more effective. "Two dangerous attackers tie up opposing defenders more than just one", so the realization of the FC coach, the last missing simon bolz, philipp pfeuffer and tim kolb again to the verfugugungs stand. Only behind the employment of lukas lieb stands a question mark. Michael emmer will not play for professional reasons.

FC westheim – TSV munnerstadt (sunday, 3 p.M.) the county derby on sunday afternoon represents a premiere from the point of view of both teams, because neither FC westheim (15 p.M.) nor TSV munnerstadt (15 p.M.) can remember a previous league duel./6) still at TSV munnerstadt (8./14) remember. The lauertaler, who have secured ten of their 14 points so far in the last four games, must be favored. According to TSV head of department rainer schmittzeh, the series of successes is based on the fact that the team has come together better and better and that personnel problems have been largely eliminated. With the goal pushing the schutzlinge of coach goran mikolaj do themselves further heavily in view of the zwolf hits in new plays, but the cover (12 gegenreffer) stands tidily. "Our goalkeepers patrick balling and lorenz buttner are not the only ones who can be relied on; their front men are also doing a good job, says schmittzeh. In the saale valley, the team that defeated DJK dampfach 1:0 eight days ago after a hard fight was allowed to play for the guests "whereby the victory was not undeserved due to the fighting attitude and the high willingness to run of all players", so schmittzeh.

Too many goals against

The situation was completely different for the promoted team, which has been stuck in the relegation zone for weeks due to a lack of points. The reason for this is the high number (28) of goals against. An improvement in this respect can be expected against TSV, as goalkeeper yanik pragmann will most likely be fit for action and fabian martin has returned from vacation. There is a question mark over the use of player-coach david bohm, who is suffering from a calf injury. Important from the point of view of the "wasters be that maxi seit and andy graup rediscover their goal instinct. "We do not give up in any case. Against munnerstadt we want to knock over the buck in front of what is sure to be a large crowd", promises FC head of department maxi schaub.

TSV forst – FC thulba (sunday, 3 pm) the top match will be played at TSV forst (4./17) in a duel with FC thulba (5), who are level on points./17). Both teams recently conceded unexpected defeats: the hosts suffered a 0:1 defeat at the table second last in rodelmaier, it was even worse for the franconians, who drew the short straw with 3:4 against the promoted team from steinbach at their own ground. "These two results alone prove that anyone can beat anyone in this league, so you have to be highly concentrated going into every game.", so the realization of FC-player coach victor kleinhenz. The record of both opponents so far suggests an exciting encounter: florian hetzel's men have won all four of their home games so far, while the fclers are still unbeaten away from home. The yellow and black team wants to defend this series, and keinhenz is relying on the scoring instinct of maximilian heinrich, who is second in the league scoring list with eight goals. In the lineup is again tobias huppmann, will be absent, however, florian heim (ligament tear). Again the FC-coach trusts in the catching skills of the reactivated daniel katzenberger, who was a good ruckhalt against steinbach despite the defeat and was blameless at the counter goals. The attention of the FC-player-coach could not only be directed to the directing skills of his colleague florian hetzel, also the routiniers tobias during and the ex-05-er lucas wirth deserve more attention.

Spfr. Steinbach – FC 06 bad kissingen (sunday, 3 p.M.) "in the 2:4 home defeat against TSV bergrheinfeld last weekend, we were unable to build on the strong performances we had shown previously and allowed ourselves too many fluke errors in the build-up to the game", bad kissingen coach frank halbig looks back on the past match day. At the sportfreunde steinbach (13./9) the FC 06 (3./17) now do better to keep up with the leading duo from wiesentheid and hirschfeld. But this up-and-coming team has quality, as it impressively demonstrated with the away win in thulba. The recipe for success against the habbergler, which already had to accept 28 goals against, should include an effective wing game. The guest still has to do without christian laus, who will be fit for action again next week at the earliest, and darko aleksoski (double ligament rupture). Lukas rottenberger is once again in the line-up for this purpose. The attention of the kurstadter will be directed in particular to the steinbacher spielertrainer stefan seufert and the experienced attacker anthony jilke.

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