Erdogan warns against parliamentary resolution on armenians

Erdogan warns against parliamentary resolution on Armenians

Shortly before the bundestag resolution on massacres of armenians, leading politicians of the grand coalition send conciliatory signals to turkey.

"It is not a question of opening up a field of dispute with the turkish government," said SPD faction leader thomas oppermann. Union faction leader michael grosse-bromer (CDU) said that no one should be put on the dock.

German chancellor angela merkel (CDU) spoke on the phone with president recep tayyip erdogan about the issue, a government spokesman said in berlin without giving further details. Erdogan fondly recognizes threat of damage to relations.

This thursday, the bundestag plans to pass a resolution by the union, the SPD and the greens classifying the mass killing and deportation of armenians in the ottoman empire in 1915 as genocide. According to estimates, between 800,000 and 1.5 million members of the christian minority lost their lives. Turkey regrets this, but strictly refuses to classify it as genocide.

Erdogan said in izmir on tuesday that he had spoken to merkel on the phone. Should the resolution pass as planned, "it would naturally damage future diplomatic, economic, business, political and military relations between the two countries – and we are both nato countries as well."At present, bilateral relations are at a "very, very high level.

Grosse-bromer said turkey is a reliable nato partner and should remain so. Nevertheless, it must be possible to come to terms with events from over 100 years ago – also as a basis for reconciliation between turkey and the armenians. "It is a matter of remembering a historical responsibility in which germany also has a certain share."

In the union faction, the resolution was supported by a large majority, with one vote against and five abstentions. Oppermann stressed that the resolution must not be misused for a confrontation with erdogan: "i would like to warn the zealots in the debate not to take it too far."

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