Emergency childcare is provided until at least 3. May extended

Emergency childcare is provided until at least 3. May extended

"Until at least 3. By may 2020, the federal states will regulate and expand emergency care within the framework of their state-specific needs and circumstances," according to the results of a telephone conference to which family minister franziska giffey had invited her state colleagues. The SPD minister had campaigned for nationwide regulations that would take into account single parents in particular.

Emergency childcare is generally available for children from kindergarten age up to sixth grade for the children of parents who are urgently needed at their workplace – for example, in nursing, in hospitals, but also in the production of certain good or in the police force. Details are regulated differently in the federal states. The federal and state governments had already agreed in principle on the expansion on wednesday. Since then, many state governments have announced that they will include other occupational groups and single parents, or that they will relax the rules so that it is sufficient for one parent to work in a so-called system-relevant occupation.

A few examples: in mecklenburg-vorpommern, children are now to be brought to daycare centers by parents and employees of outpatient care services, postal delivery workers, government and parliament employees, independent teachers, midwives and lawyers. North rhine-westphalia includes employees of gas stations, the food trade, drugstores and janitors, but also those who work in soap factories. Schleswig-holstein, hamburg, hesse and bavaria, among others, are extending childcare to children of working single parents.

For the time after 3. Starting on monday, a concept is to be developed together with experts that formulates guidelines and recommendations for the gradual reopening of child daycare."When and how these can be implemented will depend on the course of the infectious event," it said.

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