Ebelsbacher belt out the songs in the air

The idea matured through the suggestions at the lower franconian cultural days and the singing in ibind. Since the monthly singings started in october 2007, the old tradition experienced a boom.
A urtumous culture

the heimatgeschichtliche arbeitskreis wants to counteract the loss of this urtumliche tavern culture. He wants to bring people together in a convivial atmosphere and encourage them to sing. The association has compiled two booklets with the most popular song texts, so that a repertoire of 160 songs is available.

More than 80 visitors came to the weinscheune schafer to sing old songs. The songs ranged from native songs such as "im schonsten wiesengrunde" ("in the most beautiful meadow valley") or "from the mountains rushes a water", songs like "beim kronenwirt" (at the inn), hunting songs and love songs "you, you, are in my heart". Besides catchy tunes like "lustig ist das zigeunerleben" ("gypsy life is funny") but also melancholic wise words like "the thoughts are free sung.

As in all the previous events, the musicians invited to sing canons. Franz rodelmeier took over the command, divided three groups and then sounded "the cock is dead" and "O, how good it is to me in the evening" as canon. The conductor was satisfied. The songs "goodbye to good night and "take leave brother" ended a convivial, entertaining evening after three hours.

Excellent accompanying musicians

An excellent trio of musicians ensured that the pub sing-along in the schafer wine barn was a lively affair, so that none of the guests who sang along at the top of their lungs thought of quitting before they had finished. Thanks to franz rodelmeier (accordion), monika appel (mandolin) and helmut appel (guitar), none of the visitors regretted coming.

On the contrary: the anticipation for the next singing on monday, 26. November, was already noticeable, not a few guests reserved a place for this event.

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