Dogs ask wildly: penalty

Because her two dogs at the beginning of this year from the domestic property have gone out, and this by the way not for the first time, and have chased the game, a dog owner has been sentenced by the district court schweinfurt for hunt poaching by omission. The penalty order is now 120 days at 10 euros each, so 1200 euros. In the sentencing, the defendant was credited with mitigating the punishment by making a confession.

Deer torn

At the end of january, a passer-by reported to the police that he had repeatedly seen two rough dogs chasing and chasing deer on field and meadow paths. In the course of the investigations, the police stumbled on another incident from 2016. Here he could determine an eyewitness, who had observed, how the sheep-dog-mix and the rottweiler had chased two deer so long, until these stood still exhaustedly. After that both were torn by the dogs. The dog owner who was confronted with the accusation at the time "fell from all clouds" and apparently did not know what their dogs were up to. She admitted that the animals were occasionally run off through holes in the fence. She was instructed to take care of the orderly condition of her property and the supervision of the dogs.

Booked out again

An incident in january of this year was the final straw. For the second time, the two dogs were observed stalking wildly. The municipality has now asked the dog owner to secure her property. In the event of further offences, the municipality threatens to impose a fine, a muzzle and leash requirement and, in the worst case, a ban on keeping dogs.
In this context, the police point out that the deer is about to have offspring at the moment. For this reason, the highly trained deer are severely limited in their escape behavior. Therefore, the dog owners are especially urged not to let their four-legged friends run free in the fields and meadows.

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