Dog “boss” finds fugitive

Always on the nose: a service dog tracked down a fleeing 23-year-old motorist in a forest stump on wednesday evening. The man was on drugs and had no driver’s license.

Shortly before 9 p.M., the 23-year-old rode into a police checkpoint near frankenbrucke. Shortly after the man gave his name, he suddenly accelerated and fled in a green opel corsa. After a short chase, the fugitive stopped the vehicle, got out and ran into a forest hut on olberg mountain.

In the thicket

Now came the hour of the service dog "boss, who caught the scent with his lane nose. Only a little later, the "boss" was able to the fugitive in a thicket, and the officers arrested the 23-year-old. As it turned out, the hit-and-run driver had not only given a false name at the beginning, but was also under the influence of drugs. He also no longer had a driver’s license. He will now have to wait a long time for this document, informs the police inspection coburg.

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