District youth council grows

On wednesday, 8. November, carries out starting from 19 o’clock the circle youth ring (KJR) erlangen high city its autumn general assembly in the landratsamt in erlangen. The focus was on the presentation of the new statutes of the bavarian youth council by its chairman, dominik hertel, and the decision on new rules of procedure, according to the KJR.
The effects of the new bylaws are also reflected in the composition of the assembly. In the future up to 52 delegates can represent the youth work of the district. At the meeting, a new deputy chairman is elected and the annual planning and focal points of the district youth association’s work for the coming year are presented. In the further course the meeting decides on an application of the scout ring ERH about a change of the subsidy guidelines. In the future, the maximum subsidy for recreational activities will be 1500 euro and for longer recreational activities 1700 euro. The presentation and the decision on the budget 2018, which is at a volume of 485 000 euros, rounded off the meeting. In addition to the delegates, the interested public is also invited to attend.

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