Dispute over parking space and runway

With 125000 euro net the city wanted to participate in the construction of a mobile home park on the aquaria-gelande. This decision was taken by the finance senate at its meeting in january. At that time, the grunflachenamt was still assuming construction costs of 320000 euros (gross). Construction was to be carried out by suc bus und aquaria gmbh, which also operates the baths. But now the results of the building ground survey are available. The result: soil replacement will cost around 60,000 euros.

In addition, the construction companies are asking for considerably more money than was estimated at the beginning of the year. The bid prices are around 35,000 euros higher than the estimated costs. 95,000 euros net more – that’s what the city and suc should share, at least that’s what the suc wanted. However, thomas bittorf (CSU) did not want to agree: suc had just achieved a record result of eight million euros. He said that they would be able to finance this on their own. Wolf-rudiger benzel (grune) also did not want to share the additional costs. The two were the only ones to speak out in this regard – but they had the majority: max beyersdorf (CSU), adelheid frankenberger (SBC) and horst geuter (WPC) also voted against the 47,000 euro increase in the subsidy.
"It must be clear to those who were against it that now the mobile home park will not come", commented bettina lesch-lasaridis (SPD), who had voted for it. Gerhard amend (CSB) also said that the agreement with the suc is now void. In view of such consequences, gerhard amend moved that the item be discussed and voted on again. This is possible if a two-thirds majority can be found in the committee.
There was – only benzel, beyersdorf and bittorf stuck to the decision already made. In the end, beyersdorf and bittorf also voted for gerhard amend’s compromise proposal: in january, it had been clear that there could still be costs due to a soil exchange. If these costs were known at the time, they were half included in the city subsidy, so the city had agreed to pay 155000 euros instead of 125 000 euros, amend calculated. The city can also afford this in view of good tax revenues, confirmed chamber regina eberwein. She recalled that all the parliamentary groups wanted this site, and they wanted it as soon as possible.
In the end, the entire senate voted for the 155000 euro grant. What the suc think about it is an open question: jorn packobnick-kirchner, director of the aquaria, had pointed out that the construction costs would not be amortized for 15 years. If the burden of the mobile home park continues to rise, the fiscal interconnection is in jeopardy. Losses at suc bus and aquaria are offset by profits at suc energie and H 2 O-gmbh. Ultimately, this benefits the city, which would otherwise have had to absorb the deficit in city bus and bath operations.

Rail damage: 67,000 euros

Eberhard frobel wants the tartan track at the dr.-tartan track at the dr stocke sports facility as quickly as possible. The city is to go for it in advance. The head of the coburg sports office also explained why to the finance senate: so that the clubs and schools can use the running track again as quickly as possible.
Some members of the senate warned that the city could lose claims against the insurance companies in this way. Frobel and legal director stefanie grundmann disagreed: repairs would only be carried out when it was clear that the insurance would then also pay. The city should only pay in advance, as it does for other damage to sports facilities.
As reported, in the dismantling of the tribunes for the "dream game" was a home team against FC bayern munchen end of august the tartanbahn was damaged. Max beyersdorf (CSU) therefore also criticized the organizer, the bayern fan club "red residenz": "an event is only over when it is dismantled." During construction, every precaution was taken, confirmed mayor norbert tessmer (SPD).
The finance senate finally released the requested 67000 euros, not without the mabgabe that it must be clarified that the insurance pays. The question, however, is whether the insurance sum is sufficient to cover the actual damage incurred. If not, the organizer would have to pay for it himself.

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