Difficult passage: handball votes on season cancellation

difficult passage: handball votes on season cancellation

The handball clubs of the german national league and 2. Bundesliga decide in the next few days whether to cancel the season. If a three-quarters majority votes in favor, the seasons in the two top leagues will be history.

Whether there will be champions as well as relegated and promoted teams will be decided solely by the board of the handball-bundesliga gmbh (HBL). The clubs have no say in the matter. "We hope to have the result as early as next monday or tuesday," said HBL managing director frank bohmann. Shortly beforehand, the 36 clubs of the two top leagues had agreed on this approach via video conference.

Should the majority of the clubs be against a termination, there are models for a continuation of the season. One thing bob hanning, managing director of the fuchse berlin, brought to the discussion. "I am personally a friend of continuing to play and see opportunities for this," said hanning. "I proposed to the league what a scenario could look like."He did not want to reveal more details.

Bohmann emphasized that there are several scenarios for a continuation of the school. But these are always dictated by time pressure. According to the HBL’s decision, the season must end by 30 september. June will be completed. "We need to give the teams three to four weeks to prepare," bohmann said. For this, however, proper training conditions had to be restored, which are not yet permitted. Whether ghost games will be allowed in the respective halls and whether they can be implemented in terms of time, or whether tournaments will be possible at certain locations within a few days, presumably with joint accommodation for the teams – this will initially be subject to the assessment of the health authorities.

Whatever the decision, the HBL is in an awkward position. "We will not be able to achieve 100 percent equity," said bohmann. HBL’s evaluation in particular is likely to draw protests. "We have had a legal opinion drawn up by sports lawyers," reported the HBL managing director.

Cancellation of the season so far is obviously not the HBL’s preferred option. A quota system, in which each team’s average score to date is calculated and then extrapolated to the outstanding lots, is conceivable.

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