City council is the wrong place for an atlantis debate

city council is the wrong place for an atlantis debate

For a brief moment, it seemed, peter simon pondered at wednesday night’s city council meeting what the mayor meant by "questions of fundamental importance" understand moge. After all, the city councillor of the greens considered the proposal of his faction to be fundamental. Because in the public one had found a very high resonance, he said.

The greens had made the request that the bathing hours and prices in the recreational pool atlantis should be reviewed. In the opinion of the group, the atlantis is too expensive and too inflexible in its time. Therefore, three requests were made: the daily rate should be made more favorable, especially for families; the swimmers should get their own rate and have at least an hour and a half instead of just one hour; children up to 14 years of age should be admitted free of charge.

Not the most expensive

Mayor german hacker (SPD) did not want to start a discussion in the city council. "Price debates do not belong here", he said. The management and the supervisory board of herzo bader und verkehrs gmbh are responsible for this. We are in a market, hacker added. Also, the atlantis is not the most expensive bath in franconia. "We are in competition. Each bath has its character".

Therefore the mayor appealed for a postponement of the application to the supervisory board. Before that, hacker had noted that pool director patrick geiger had already taken "good and important steps" with regard to the swimmers had initiated. But this, too, had been discussed by the supervisory board.

Simon also agreed with this. However, he wished that afterwards there should be public and detailed reporting on the matter. This, in turn, hacker did not want to assure. To reproduce a debate from the supervisory board in public would be rather harmful. As before, only questions of fundamental importance for herzo bader- und verkehrs gmbh should be reserved for the city council as a body.

Question of sportiness

When retta muller-schimmel wanted to get some basic points off her chest and pointed out that as many people as possible from herzogenaurach should have the financial opportunity to use the pool, and that many children are already unable to swim, the mayor interrupted her. It was a question of sportsmanship, how long individual rates had to talk, he said. Others are simply silent. Now that it has been decided that the start of supervision will take care of the issue, there is no need for any more statements.

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