Chaplain becomes data protection officer

Chaplain becomes data protection officer

The evangelical lutheran church congregation of strossendorf-altenkunstadt officially bid farewell to its former pastor christian brecheis on saturday. Many people were also relieved that he could find new tasks within the church, as data protection officer, and expressed their good wishes to him in this regard.

With the uplifting contribution: "uber den wolken" (above the clouds), the trombone choir under the direction of pastor rudolf ranzenberger began the festive service to bid farewell to the graduate theologian christian brecheis in the kreuzbergkirche, to which pastor representative heinz geyer welcomed everyone. After it had become clear that christian brecheis would be released from his official duties and that his future would follow new professional paths, heinz geyer nevertheless called it important "pastor brecheis" in mutual love, in respect and by all listening to god’s words to say goodbye. Pastor geyer thanked christian brecheis on behalf of the entire parish chapter for his liturgical service and preaching.

For the last time christian brecheis preached a sermon in the kreuzbergkirche and chose a passage from the book of acts.

Hearing good words also gives strength for new paths and strengthens faith, says the spiritual director. Although many e-mails and letters were written in the past, christian brecheis said, he found it particularly encouraging that many people stood in front of his door, but also willingly opened their own doors for him, for which he expressed his heartfelt thanks to all. Brecheis said he would be on the road in many church congregations, daycare centers and administrative institutions, in view of his new task as data protection officer of the church district of bayreuth.

Dean stefanie ott-fruhwald thanked christian brecheis for his service in the evangelical-lutheran congregation of strossendorf-altenkunstadt and for the past three years, in which he explained the gospel, sacrificed a lot of time and stood by his fellow christians with advice and action.

"Now give thanks to god" the service was enriched by the evangelical church choir under the direction of valentina backert and the impressive organ playing of roland schops.

In the name of the eastern region of the dekant, pastor heinz geyer paid tribute to his departing pastor colleague, whom many people had learned to appreciate during his ministry and whose sermons they had enjoyed listening to, to which there was spontaneous applause from the churchgoers. Pastor geyer described the decision of the church leadership as at least a good partial solution, even though not all the wishes of the parish chapter had been fulfilled. He wished christian brecheis much professional success in his new tasks in the church.

For the catholic parish community, the chairman of the parish council, thomas geldner, and father rufus expressed their gratitude for the ecumenical cooperation. The confidant of the evangelical-lutheran church board of strossendorf-altenkunstadt, ursula trinkwalter, and church chairman reinold sterzer thanked christian brecheis from the bottom of their hearts and wished him all the best for the future.

A reception followed in the community hall.

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