Dog attack in kulmbach: why were two rottweilers able to attack??

Almost two years ago a bub in ziegelhutten was seriously injured by two rottweilers. On thursday the incident came up in court. The defendant is the dog owner (57): for negligent bodily injury.

Flashback: what happened then? The dogs got onto the road through an open farm gate. The nine-year-old, who walked by there in the afternoon of that saturday in may 2017, was chased and bitten several times by the two rough dogs.

Witnesses hoard "screams of fear"

Witnesses described hearing "screams of fear" of a child had heard. They ran over and saw the boy lying on the ground, bleeding, with the rottweilers on top of him, fending off the dogs with their hands. The injuries to his back, arms and head were more serious than initially thought. In the indictment, a 15 centimeter long scalping injury to the head is explicitly mentioned.


Neuenmarkt introduces fee splitting

Neuenmarkt introduces fee splitting

Introduction of the split wastewater fee. What looks like a simple arithmetic task at first glance is a huge challenge for a community. This is now also imminent for the neuenmarkt administration after the works committee decided that in future not only consumption but also the proportion of precipitation water will be taken into account when calculating the notices. "There is a lot of work ahead of us", says head of administration sven schirner about this decision.

Dieter sachs is convinced that the fact that it has finally come to this is only due to the legal dispute he is having with the municipality. The 66-year-old had already lodged an objection at the end of april against the decision on his wastewater charges, which in neuenmarkt have always been calculated on the basis of water consumption. "Unsocial sachs calls this regulation, because thereby the sealing of surfaces by commercial enterprises is demanded and the flood danger is increased.

Lawyer called in

At first he waited in vain for an answer. When the three-month deadline set by the administrative court regulations had passed, sachs commissioned the bayreuth law firm of hieber und kollegen to file an action for a declaration of nullity. Lawyer roland konrad set the municipality a deadline of 10. October to make a decision on his client’s appeal.


Trial of dead baby: defendant shows no emotion

trial of dead baby: defendant shows no emotion

The woman from baden-wurttemberg is the mother of the dead child who died on 23. October 2011 in plastic tutes near walsdorf (lkrs. Bamberg) was found by chance. On the first day of the trial, the defendant explained through her lawyer that what was written in the indictment was true. The 29-year-old woman herself said nothing about the crime for which she has to answer to the jury in bamberg since monday: manslaughter by omission.

In january 2011, she created a new cistercian landscape in the apartment of her then boyfriend in walsdorf (lkrs. Bamberg) secretly gave birth to a child, laid the little girl on the tiled floor of the bathroom and otherwise left her unprovided for. The baby probably died as a result of hypothermia. Then she packed the newborn in several plastic bags and put the bundle with her things in the bedroom closet. Only months later, allegedly in june, the woman took the dead child into the corridors near walsdorf. On 23. October 2011 a walker had become aware of the alleged mull and had made the gruesome find.

The defendant remains silent

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